Great Leaps



Prior to teaching each student will receive an assessment to determine their current skills in order to create measurable goals. These goals are individualized and address the following components of instruction; functional communication, social skills, play/motor skills, academic skills, fluency, and proactive interventions to address challenging behavior. Our school has low student to teacher ratios in order to meet the needs of the each child.

At Great Leaps Academy we focus on using:

  • Antecedent and consequential strategies to produce positive outcomes

  • Precision teaching strategies and standard visual display of student's progress

  • A Board Certified Behavior Analyst to develop curriculum, provide guided practice, supervise in the classroom, analyze data, and monitor student progress

  • Manipulatives and hands on materials

  • Clear expectations and classroom rules

  • Repetition, predictable routines, and consistency to reinforce learned skills

  • On-going parent and staff training 

  • Intensive teaching using evidence-based intervention procedures derived from behavior analysis

  • A behavioral language intervention program (i.e., mand training, tact and listener training, matching, echoic and imitation training)